22 May 2018

Year Nine | August 2017 - August 2018

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*AUGUST 2017*     **Happy Anniversary to the collab this month!**
Subs have multiple weeks in August, celebrating the anniversary.

1. Review of The Last Year
Rich: Looking Back
Cara: In the past year... with Cara
Yucca: A Year of Pagan Motherhood -
JD: looking back in this life or another
Brendan: Time for a recap

2. Review of The Last Year [SUBS]
Danni: Danni's 2017 Favorites and Recap (NEW FARM!)
Angelo: Angelo's Year in Review

3. Finding Your Path: Feeling Pulled in a Thousand and One Directions
Rich: All the Directions
JD: The God dream connection
Yucca: What to Focus on
Meghan: Bits and Pieces
Brendan: Paths and directions

4. Anticipating Family Death [SUBS]
Danni: Death as Liminal Space: A Sister's Tale
Angel: Death
Angelo: Dealing with Death


5. Types of Magick
Rich: Magical Types
Cara: Witchcraft & Magick
JD: Hoodoo and other types of magick
Meghan: Universal Magick
Brendan: What the magic?

6. Losing Friends Over Paganism
Rich: Facing Rejection
Cara: Friends Respect Friends
JD: Potter and Naruto break the ice
Yucca: We can't control anyone else
Meghan: Rock and a Hard Place

7. Witches View of the TV Show Charmed
Rich: Forever Charmed
Cara: The Power of Three
Angel: Charmed, I'm sure?

8. In or Out of the Broom Closet at Work [SUBS]
Angel: Out or in, on or off!
Angelo: Coming out of the broom closet at work

*OCTOBER 2017*

9. Dealing with Anger
Rich: Anger Issues
Cara: When I get Angry
JD: Move past anger with a better thought
Meghan: Time to check out!

10. Dealing with Horrible Aspects of our History
Rich: Practices of the Past . . . Issues
Cara: Re-Writing the Story
JD: Pantheon skeletons
Yucca: Beliefs of the Past
Meghan: Trust your heart

11. White Supremacists & (their version of) Odinism
Rich: White Supremacy and Odinism
Cara: See it, Name it, Solve it.
JD: Racism vs. Prejudice in Pagan religion
Yucca: In the moment of conflict
Meghan: Fighting co-opting of faith
Brendan: no space for the hate

12. Death & Related Views
Rich: Thoughts of Death
Cara: Death & the Afterlife (update)
Yucca: From Decay Shall Come Rebirth
Brendan: It all comes to an end

13. What is "Divine" to you? [SUBS]
Danni: Druids Connecting to Deity


14. Current Goals for Our Practice
Danni: A Druid's Goals
Cara: Cara's Current Goals
JD: Goals in practice.
Yucca: Coming out of the shell, back to the land - Yucca's goals for the next year
Brendan: Scoring goals

15. When We Buy Into the Stereotypes
Rich: Stereotyped Paganism
Cara: I can't do that, but I wish I could!
Yucca: Alternative View of Witchcraft
Meghan: Movie Magic and Goals
Brendan: Anything is possible.
JD: Wild Assumptions and stereotypes.

16. Coming Out (Broom Closet) in a Professional Setting
Rich: Professionally Pagan
Cara: Coming Out in Counseling
Yucca: How to share with a non-pagan
Brendan: Out and open
JD: Broom closet testing.

17. How Do We Make Time for Our Pagan Practice When We Are Busy? [SUBS]
Danni: Too Busy for Druidry? - Solutions for a Hectic Practice
Angel: Making Time. . . 
Angelo: Busy Pagans


18. Dealing with Fluctuations in Energy: Highs and Lows [SUBS]
Danni: Responding to Energy Fluctuations
Angel: Those highs and lows!
Angelo: Energy Flux
Charly: It's Ok To Be Low | A Spell For This, A Spell For That

19. The God Conversations
Rich: Waxing Philosophically
Cara: The God Conversation
JD: Gods and ascension (Human to Godhood)
Meghan: God Talk and Chickens

20. How Do We Use Gratitude in Our Practice? [SUBS]
Danni: Simple Gratitude & Abundance

21. & 22. Holiday break!

**JANUARY 2018**    

23. What Inspired You to Audition to Be a Host on Pagan Perspective?
Rich: Why I'm on Pagan Perspective
Cara: How the Collab Was Started
Yucca: Why I joined
Meghan: Like a Diamond
Brendan: Where my Pagan Perspective began.

24. Advent for Pagans
Rich: The Advent Season
Cara: Advent & Flowing Transitions
Meghan: Advent and Befana's Day

25. Did I Accidentally Curse Someone?
Rich: Accidentally Cursed?
Cara: Accidental Cursing?
JD: The power of negative emotions and Magick
Yucca: Curses in the Cold!
Brendan: CURSES! I did it again!

26. What Inspired You to Audition to Be a Host on Pagan Perspective? [SUBS]
Danni: Why is a Druid on Pagan Perspective?
Angelo: The Greek's Perspective


27. The Parallels Between Different Religions' Holidays and Pagan Holidays
Rich: Holy Days
Cara: Holidays & History/Herstory
Meghan: Marking Time and Spreading Love
Brendan: Connection of holidays

28. Sexual Assault in Paganism
Rich: Sexual Assault in Paganism?
Cara: Healthy Boundaries in Our Community
JD: Exploitation of feminine energy.
Yucca: Power Over Structures and Abuse
Danni: Sexual Abuse & Harassment in the Pagan Community
Brendan: Zero tolerance of sexual assault

29. A Favorite Piece of Poetry or Liturgy from Your Path
Rich: Lyrical Practice
Cara: Remembering Tempest
Yucca: This is my Poetry
JD: The resting folks.
Meghan: Xanadu
Brendan: Written beauty

30. Where Do We See Paganism by the End of This Century? [SUBS]
Danni: Paganism in 100 Years
Angel: Paganism at the end of the century!
Angelo: Paganism in the future

*MARCH 2018*

31. How Do You Continue to Grow In Your Practice in Times That You Are Doubting It All?
Rich: What Keeps You Going?Cara: Open & Connect
Yucca: Level up or Wax and Wane
JD: Find your lost spark.
Meghan: You are doing the best you can!

32. What are some of the unlikely resources you've come across in your path that were insightful?
Rich: Secular Resources for Pagans
Cara: Likely Unlikely Resources
Yucca: Finding Inspiration in a Nerdy Place
JD: Opened doors

33. Ethics Within Our Community & Perception of Non-Pagans
Rich: Ethics and Morals
Cara: Community Ethics
Yucca: The Power of Our Words
JD: Forced love
Meghan: Be the Change You Wish to See!

34. How Tragedy Affects Our Practice [SUBS]
Danni: Finding Your Pagan Practice AFTER Tragedy
Angelo: After tragedy, restoring ourselves in our path

*APRIL 2018*'

35. Urban Paganism
Rich: City Witch
Cara: Country Witch in the City
Meghan: Urban Sacred Space

36. Gardens in Our Practice
Danni: Gardening for Urban Druids and Pagans
Cara: Gardening in My Practice
Yucca: Gardens in our Practice

Rich: Explanations and Protection Practices
Cara: Explaining Magick, Shielding from Negativity
Yucca: Approaching communication
JD: Tall tales
Meghan: Dealing with Negativity - Shields Up!
Brendan: Explain yourself

38. Demons and Ouija Boards
Danni: Demons and Druids

*MAY 2018*

39. Working with Less Popularly With/Worshiped in Pagan Practice Today
Rich: Little Known Deities
Cara: Deities: Who Do You know?
JD: Three Gods I love who are a bit obscure.

40. What Does "The Cycles of Nature" Mean to You?
Rich: To Every Season. . . 
Cara: Cycles of Nature, Connecting & Flowing
Yucca: Nature's Cycles
Meghan: Seasons Go Round and Round

41. What is the Best Advice/Inspiration You Have Received in Regards to Your Path?
Rich: Advice For Life and Practice
Cara: Inspiring Witches & Validation
Yucca: What would we pass on?
Meghan: Make Life EXTRAORDINARY!

42. How do you Deal with Your Own Self Doubts About Magickal Workings or Experiences?
Rich: A bout of doubt
Cara: Doubts
Yucca: Strategies for Addressing Doubt
Meghan: You are not alone

43. Are There Any Questions That Your Non-Pagan Friends Often Ask You About Your Path? [SUBS]
Danni: IS DRUIDRY REAL? - Questions from Non-Pagans
*JUNE 2018*





*JULY 2018*






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