06 May 2013

Year Four | August 2012 through August 2013

This is part of the list of all topics/videos on The Pagan Perspective collaborative channel (as seen on YouTube). Look here to see what we've done before, and use your computer's Find function (Ctrl + F or Cmd + F) to look up keywords. You can also search keywords directly on the channel page.


1. Get to know the Regulars
Rich: Q and A
Eric: 20 questions and then some (Posted two weeks later)
Dancing Rabbit feat. Feather: 25 Questions (more or less)

2. Get to know the Subs [SUBS]
Patrick: About Me

3. Merging with a Tree [SUBS]
Charlie got busy this week and didn't post any videos, and I'm not sure what happened to Patrick's. But here are the two we had!
Brendan: I'm a tree!


4. Witches & Witchcraft in the Media (The question is about witchcraft, but some members talked about other paths and their portrayal in media, as well.)
Dancing Rabbit: The Media and Witchcraft

5. Advice for New Practitioners
Erriender: Welcome Newbies
Cole: Information for Beginners (on his personal channel)
Dancing Rabbit: Advice for New Pagans

6. Creating Your Own Rituals & Spells

7. Celtic Holidays [SUBS]
Brendan: Sensing Sabbats

*OCTOBER 2012*

8. Teaching Lessons
Dancing Rabbit: Teaching with Games

9. Aleister Crowley

10. The 72 Demons (Lesser Key of Solomon)
Eric: 72 Demons
Dancing Rabbit: All 72 Demons, NOT!

11. Creation [SUBS]
Patrick: Creation


12. Growing Out Hair
Erriender: Hairy Ramblings
Dancing Rabbit: Hair today Gone tomorrow

13. Concepts of Deity (Who, What, and HOW we think Deity is.)
Yucca: Gods
Erriender: Concepts of Deity
Dancing Rabbit: What are the Gods really?

14. Interview or Special Guest
Cara: A few mini 'views. (Jim Scott, Grams, & Sierra)
Erriender: Meet and Greet

15-16. DEITY WEEKS. Each member of the collab made a video talking about deities we work with or are interested in.
Erriender: My God/Goddess
Dancing Rabbit: Finding your tutilary deity


17. Altars Then & Now (What did our personal altars look like when we started practicing, and what do they look like now? What has changed?)
Dancing Rabbit: Altars Now and Then
Eric: Altar Space

18. Yule/Jul/Winter Solstice/Winter holidays [SUBS]

19-21. Holiday

*JANUARY 2013* - We took three weeks for break & used the time to vote on new subs auditions. Charlie & Erriender have left the channel, Yucca is now Thursday, and we'll have 4 new subs when voting is done!

22. Buddhism, Meditation, & Blessings (3 questions: Whether we consider Buddhism to be pagan, music for meditation, and whether saying/writing "Blessings" imparts blessings.)
Dancing Rabbit: Three Questions

23. Offerings & How to Make Them
Yucca: Offerings
Dancing Rabbit: Offerings to the Gods

24. Empathy and Magickal Defense

25. Subs Introductions & Music in our Practice [SUBS]


26. Transgender Discrimination / Gender Issues
Dancing Rabbit: Transgender Discrimination

27. Ebay ban on spells, tarot readings, etc. (More info HERE)
Dancing Rabbit: Spells for Sale

28. Science behind magick, and Spirit Guides

29. Online Communities & Local Shops [SUBS]

*MARCH 2013*

30. Bible Study & Christo-Pagans

31. Techno-Pagans
Yucca: Technopagan

32. Spirituality vs. Religion
Dancing Rabbit: Spirituality vs Religion

33. Elementals [SUBS]
Dilliya: Elewhatnow?

*APRIL 2013*

34. Immortalism
Dancing Rabbit: Immortalism and Wicca

35. Symbols Go Mainstream (Symbols used in paganism found in media and how that affects our community. This week we were asked about Ke$ha’s video, “Die Young”)
Yucca: Symbols

36. Scientology
Yucca: Scientology?

37. Honoring Non-Pagans [SUBS]

*MAY 2013* - Replacing a sub who hasn't been in contact for months, and another sub who closed their account. Welcome Angel and Cam, joining us at Subs Week!

38. “New Age” as a term
Yucca: New Age
Cole: New age

41. Altar Queries and Ritual Attire
Rich: Altar Questions
Cara: Altars & Attire
Dilliya: altars and attire
Yucca: About Alters and Attire
Cole: Altars and Clothes
DR: Witchy Clothing and Altars

42. Miracles [SUBS]
Tara: Miracles & Energy
*JUNE 2013*

46. Mortal-to-Deity [SUBS]
Dilliya: mortals to god status
Meghan: Mere Mortals?
Angel: Mortal to Deity
Cam: Mortals becoming Deities?
Tara: Becoming a God

*JULY 2013*

47. Pagan Symbols in Fashion
Rich: Pagan Fashionista
Cara: Pagan Fashions
Eric: Religious Fashions / Symbolic Clothing?
Yucca: Symbols in Fashion
Cole: Religious items
DR: Paganism as a fashion statement

48. Sylvia Browne (and Amanda Berry)
Rich: Sylvia Brown Perspective
Cara: Psychics and Sylvia Browne
Eric: Silvia Brown "Psychic Investigator"
Yucca: Thoughts on Sylvia
DR: I don't know much of nothing about Sylvia Brown

49. Almanacs
Rich: The All-Knowing Almanac
Cara: Cara Doesn't Use Almanacs Much
Eric: Almanacs and Calendars
Yucca: Almanacs
DR: Almanacs and Day Planners

50. Moon Void of Course [SUBS]
Brendan: Well it's a void-of-course
Tara: Stars & Moons
Meghan: Void Side of the Moon
Angel: Void Moon
Cam: Void Moons
Dilliya: moon void of course

51. Wedding Rites & Traditions (Whether using a rite of another path is "crossing any lines.")
Rich: Rite Weddings
Cara: Writing Weddings
Eric: Marriage Rites
Yucca: A (Stormy) Pagan Wedding
Cole: Following traditions
DR: Pagan and Interfaith Weddings

*AUGUST 2013*

52. Some Examples of Witchcraft
Cara: Witchcraft Examples
Eric: Witchcraft Examples.
Yucca: Witchcraft, Healing and Sundry
Cole: Examples of Witchcraft
DR: Witchcraft and Paganism
(This week and next, Rich is in the process of moving for work, so he didn't have time for his videos. Life happens and we don't always have time to notify a sub, especially if we are planning to make the video and it just doesn't work out!)


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