06 May 2013

Year Three | August 2011 through August 2012

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1. Wood, Wands, "Right" and "Wrong" Correspondences
Feather: Woods and Wands

2. Family vs. Blood Family [SUBS]
Richard: Family
Erriender: Family and Friends
Brendan: We are family!

3. Using Intuition in Divination [SUBS]


4. Living Your Path

5. Coming Out of the Broom Closet

6. Soft vs. Hard Polytheism

7. Religion/Spirituality/Science [SUBS]

*OCTOBER 2011*

8. After Death and Other Life

9. Animal Remains/Lives
Dancing Rabbit: Fur bone antlers and spirit

10. Being Watched

11. Spell Effectiveness [SUBS]


12. Snow and Winter Magick
Cara: Snow!
Dancing Rabbit: Winter Magick

13. Laurie Cabot Opinions
Dancing Rabbit: Laurie Who?

14. Dating and Religion
Feather & Dancing Rabbit: Interfaith Dating and Marriage

15. Self-Harm Under the Rede
Feather: Harm None

16. Past Life Influencing the Present [SUBS]
Erriender: What goes around...


17. Technology (Can we be "good pagans" and use the latest technology?)

18. Illness (Physical and Mental)
Cara: Illness
Eric: Illness and Your Practice (Special Guest!)

19. Crafty, Creative Week!

20. Managing Religious/Craft Studies [SUBS]

*JANUARY 2012*

21. Week off for holidays.
During this break time we auditioned for new substitutes because Waide and Liz left, so Rich replaced Thursdays and the subs moved around a bit. Our new subs are Patrick and Yucca.

22. When to do Magic(k)
Dancing Rabbit: Magickal Timing

23. A Foretold Path?
Dancing Rabbit: The Foretold Path

24. Priest/ess-hood [SUBS]
Brendan: Priestly Titles
Yucca: Priestess-ing
Cole: Our Leaders


25. Silver Ravenwolf

26. Right Reasons and Beginning Resources
Cara: Exploration

27. Are There New Gods? How would we know?
Cara: New Deities
Dancing Rabbit: La Nueva Diosa

28. Masculine & Feminine Polarity in Our Paths [SUBS]

*MARCH 2012*

29. Racism & Sexism in Paganism

30. Folk Magick
Anni: Folk Magic
Eric: Folk Magik
Dancing Rabbit: Folk Magick in My Life

31. Energy (Directing energy and Meridian vs. Nadi)
Anni: Energy

32. Philosophy/Theosophy
Eric: Theosophy?
Rich: Phill-Osophy
Dancing Rabbit: The Tao that can be told.

33. Karma [SUBS]
Charlie: Karma
Erriender: Karma
Brendan: Karma Chameleon
Patrick: Karma Cleansing

*APRIL 2012*

34. Parents/Friends and Your Path
Dancing Rabbit: Acceptance by Others

35. Shadow and Darkness
Cole: The Darkness

36. BDSM and the Wiccan Rede
Dancing Rabbit: Kinky Sex and the Rede

37. Lucid Dreaming [SUBS]
Erriender: Lucid Dreaming
Brendan: Is it a dream?
Cole: Lucid Dreams

*MAY 2012* - Subs filling in Tuesdays while Cara is abroad.

38. Close-Minded/Correcting People
Dancing Rabbit: The Value of Correctness

39. Families, Relationships, and Your Path
Dancing Rabbit: Blending Faith and Family

40. Putting It Into Practice
Cara was going to do a video, wasn't able to, and could not contact Erriender in time, so there is no Tuesday video. My fault. -C-

41. MORE on Familiars and Totems

42. Gifted People [SUBS]
Erriender: Psychic Abilities
Pat: Gifted

*JUNE 2012* - Rich and Anni have switched days, and Feather has retired from a regular spot on the channel.

43. Effective Spells & Personal Connections
Dancing Rabbit: My best spell, revealed!

44. Satanism & Left-Hand Paths
Cole: Satanism

45. QUICK ANSWERS! Meditation, Spells, commanding oils, Books of Shadows, and practicing while pregnant.

46. Cryptozoology [SUBS]
Charlie: Cryptozoology
Erriender: Cryptozoology
Yucca: Cryptozoology
(Brendan is currently touring the US so he hasn't always been able to post.)

*JULY 2012* - Anni has retired to her summer home away from the internet and will not be making videos for some time. Erriender is now on Thursday.

47. Scrying
Rich: Scrying
Erriender: Scrying
Dancing Rabbit: Scrying

48. Labels, What's Correct, What to Use... (In response to a new movement that seeks to clear up misconceptions in labels people choose.)
Eric: Labels
Erriender: Names and Titles
Cole: Identity
Dancing Rabbit: Truth in Labeling

49. Learning Correspondences and Associations
Charlie: Correspondences
Dancing Rabbit: Many Paths...

50. Reincarnation/Afterlife [SUBS]
Charlie: Reincarnation
Patrick: Life After Death
Yucca: Reincarnation

*AUGUST 2012*

51. Putting Energy Out Through Videos
Rich: Vlog Spells
Yucca: Video Magic
Erriender: Video Karma
Dancing Rabbit: Energy Magick and Vlogs

52. Dance & Trance
Eric--Off for computer maintenance.
Patrick: Dance
Dancing Rabbit: Trance Dance


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