04 September 2013

Year Five | August 2013 through August 2014

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*AUGUST 2013*

1. How We Came to our Present Paths (7 Questions)
2. Same topic, [SUBS]

3. Negative Aspects of Pagan History [SUBS]

4. Karma Cleansing [SUBS]


6. Where would we draw the line? (Questions about a number of subjects.)
Rich: Questions SOOO Many Questions
Cara: Drawing the Lines
Eric: Lines in the sand
Yucca: A Collection of Questions
Cole: Another Pajama Rant!
DR: Lots and lots of questions

7. Totems and Guides [SUBS]
Meghan: Totems and Guides
Angel: Totems & Guides
Dilliya: Spirit guides

*OCTOBER 2013*

8. Goths, Pagans, and Gothic Pagans
Rich: Gothic Pagans
Syd: Goths and Pagans
Eric: Goths and Pagans
Cole: Goths and Witches
DR: Goth Craft

10. Entities (Questions about how to deal with spirits/entities)
Meghan: Malevolent Spirits?
Dilliya: to Entity or not to Entity
Yucca: Haunted House
Cole: Spirits, and what to do about them
DR: Hauntings and Akashic Records

12. Protection from What? [SUBS]

This month we're "Gettin' Political!"
Covering all the political/social issues questions we've gotten.

13. Pagans and Gun Control/Gun Rights
Rich: Paguns?
Yucca: Guns

14. Drug Education, and Drug Use in Ritual

15. IVF and Adoption
Cara: POV on IVF

16. Pagans and Christian Churches (Specifically, Lakewood) [SUBS]


17. Pre-made Spells versus Original Works

18. Balance of Power
Cole: Power

19. Souls [SUBS]
Brendan: Soul-utions
Meghan: Soul Business
Dilliya: Souls

20-21. Holiday Break! We'll return on 6 January.

*JANUARY 2014*

22. Profound Moments in Our Paths
(See DR's video in Week 24, below.)

23. Taking the Next Step / The Next Level of Practice
(See DR's video in Week 24, below.)

24. Pagan Family Life / Raising Pagan Children

25. The Afterlife [SUBS]
Dilliya: Afterlife


26. Our Spiritual Sayings
Yucca: Our Sayings

27. Curses
Rich: Curses

28. Fertility
Eric: Fertility
Yucca: Fertility
Dancing Rabbit: Fertility and Creativity

29. Assumptions of Sexuality (When people assume you're promiscuous because you're Pagan) [SUBS]

*MARCH 2014*

30. Is Yoga Satanic? Responses to an article.
Yucca: Yoga

31. Pain & Suffering in Belief
Cara: Suffering

32. Spirituality in "Un-Spiritual" Ways

33. Voodoo, Hoodoo [SUBS]

Dilliya left the channel at the end of March and posted a video to say goodbye:

*APRIL 2014*

34 - 38. In these weeks, the hosts and subs were given an assortment of eight topics to choose from. These were eight topics that had not previously been covered because not everyone felt able to speak to them, so instead the hosts chose three topics of the eight that they did want to discuss, in whatever order they chose. This was a way of acknowledging some of the loose end topics that had been suggested over the past year, while not requiring anyone to speak to a subject they didn't know about or didn't have a perspective on.

Rich: Orbtastic

Cara: Shamanism


There was technically a second subs week here, if you're keeping track, but for some reason no videos were posted.

*MAY 2014*

39. Satanic Temple Monument in Oklahoma

40. Prayer as a Pagan
Cara: On Prayer
Yucca: Prayer
Cole: Prayer

41. Inner Energy (If your inner energy had a color, a look, a feel, what would it be like?)

42. Toxic Pagans(, Keeping Yourself Safe from) [SUBS]
Meghan: Toxic Pagans
Angel: Toxic peps

*JUNE 2014*

43. Your Mood and Your Spell
Cole: Moods and spells (with a guest!)

44. Ancestors and Gods/Deities

45. Satan and 9/11
Rich: Satan 911
Cara: Satan 9-11

46. Monotheistic Paganism and its relation to the Wheel of the Year [SUBS]
Meghan: One God?

*JULY 2014*

47. A few questions about Spells/spellcraft

48. Pagans in the Military
Rich: Military Pagans (Rich is a Pagan in the military!)

49. Living situations that are hostile to Paganism--belief and/or practice

50. Dragons [SUBS]
Meghan: Dragons
Angel: Dragons

*AUGUST 2014*

51. Sigils
Yucca: Sigils

52. Incorporations, Invocations
Cole: Possession and channeling