HOW TO: Use This List


This is the list of all topics ever done by The Pagan Perspective collaborative channel on YouTube. Look here to see what we've done before, and use your computer's Find function (Ctrl + F or Cmd + F) to look up keywords. You can also search keywords directly on the channel page.

We used to have this information all in a single blog post on another site, but the list became too much for one post to handle, so it's been moved here and separated into multiple posts.

What you'll see here:

  • There is a separate post for each year the channel has been making videos. We began on 16 August 2009, so the first year goes from that date until 52 weeks later, in August 2010. Year Two is August 2010 through August 2011, and so on.
  • TABS at the top of the pages lead you to the topic lists for each year for easier access.

The format:

  • Each year begins in August. The collab's anniversary is 16 August, so the first week of each collab year is the week of 16 August.
  • The numbers in front of each topic heading refer to the week of the year. The week of 16 August 2009 is "Year One, Week One." Year Two begins with the number 1 again, each year counting out 52 weeks' worth of topics.
  • Weeks covered by our substitute members are marked [SUBS]. Subs' weeks are the last week of each month, and subs also fill in any other time a regular host needs them.
  • Breaks from videos are usually taken twice a year. In August, directly after the anniversary, the hosts have a few weeks off and the subs take over for more face time. And in December, a couple weeks are usually taken for everyone to have off during the holiday season.

Thank you for reading and watching!
-Pagan Perspective