16 November 2014

Year Six | Aug. 2014 - Aug. 2015

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*AUGUST 2014*

1. Themed Rituals
2. Same topic [SUBS]
Angel: Themed Rites

3. Leaving Christianity
Meghan: Leaving Christ


4. Checking In

5. Halloween in Public Schools
Dancing Rabbit: Samhain Garb and School

6. Polytheistic Traditions and Wiccan Privilege

7. Checking In [SUBS]
Meghan: Checkin' In!

*OCTOBER 2014*

8. Paganism & Eastern Philosophies

9. What's Happening in Beebe, Arkansas (Seeker's Temple)
Cara: Beebe

10. Necromancy
Yucca: Necromancy
Dancing Rabbit: Necromancy

11. Weather Magick
Cara: Whatever the Weather (featuring guest, Sheldon Slinkard, President of Pentacles of Pride, Int.)

12. Universal Laws [SUBS]
Angel: The Laws


13. Incapable of Being Pagan/Heathen
Yucca: Not Pagan?
Dancing Rabbit: Incapable of Being Pagan?

14. Deity and ETs
Rich: ET Gods
Cara: Deity ETs

15. LGBTQ+ People and Paganism
Meghan: Queer & Pagan

16. Being "Lost of the Path", feeling stuck in one place in your practice [SUBS]
Angel: In a Rut!


17. Raymond Buckland and Neo-Wiccans
Cara: Buckland & Neo-Wicca (Raymond Buckland watched this!)
Yucca: Buckland

18. Two Topics: Church of the Jedi Order, and if we could go back to the start of our paths, what would we change, if anything?
Cara: Jediism

19. Gods on Earth (Plus the short question from last week, had we heard of the Church of the Jedi Order) [SUBS]

20-21. Holiday Break. During this time we voted on audition videos for new substitutes. We returned on Monday, 5 January.

*JANUARY 2015* 

22. Who We Are/Re-Introductions of the Hosts (Since we had just voted on new substitute auditions, I thought it'd be fun to do our own, but saying what we bring to the channel since we're already here!)
Meghan: New Job!

23. Mixing/Combining Pantheons
Yucca: Mixing Gods

24. Pagan Leadership

25. Meeting the New Subs! [SUBS] (There is a new Tara! Tara C. Not to be confused with Tara B. from the previous year!)


26. What is your Will?
Rich: My Will

27. "Religion" as a Blanket Term

28. Thoughts on Peter Grey's essay, "Rewilding Witchcraft"

29. St. Patrick's Day & All Snakes Day [SUBS]

*MARCH 2015*

30. Magick and Our Energy Level
Meghan: Energy Drain

31. Tarot or Oracle Cards/Decks

32. Marriage

33. Totem Animals [SUBS]

*APRIL 2015* - Theme of the Month: GOD(S)

34. True Gods
Yucca: True Gods

35. Naming the Gods

36. How we relate to the gods
Cara: Ye Gods
Angel: The Gods...

37. God as Energetic Force

38. Deity and Gendered Terms [SUBS]

*MAY 2015*

39. Pagan Religion in Schools

40. Discussing the Term "Natural Witch"
Yucca: Natural

41. Sharing Resources on Multiple Cultures/Topics, and
42. Same topic, [SUBS]
Yucca: Celtic
Angel: Information
Tara: Info on Pantheons ~ eliptica24
Danni: Podcasts, Blogs, and Celtic Resources
Charly: Storing Resources as a Traveling Pagan | What's on My Kindle?

*JUNE 2015*

43. College/University Practice
Rich: Pagan Freshman
Cara: Pagan at College/University!
Meghan: Buffy Brought the Devil to the Dorm!
Yucca: Pagan at College
Angel: Pagan life on campus...

44. Ability To Do Magick - Who has it?
Rich: Magick Exercise
Cara: Magick Ability
Meghan: Magically Adept
Yucca: Do Muggles Exist?
Angel: I got mad skills!

45. Answering Individual Personalized Questions from Viewers
Rich: Answer These Questions Five
Cara: 11+ Questions from You!
Meghan: Q & A
Yucca: Your Questions for Yucca
Angel: A little about me :)

46. Thoughts About a "School of Paganism" [SUBS]
Brendan: Crafting an Education
JD: Pagan youth education
Tatiana: School of Paganism and Witchcraft?
Danni: Including Pagan Studies at School
Tara: School for Pagans
Charly: Witchcraft School for Kids?

*JULY 2015*

47. The "Uneven Yoke"
Rich: Yokes of Unequal Quality
Cara: Unequally Yoked
Meghan: To Yoke or not to Yoke?
Yucca: Red Flags and Yokes
Tara: Uneven Yoking

48. Natural vs. Synthetic Materials in Our Practice
Rich: Naturally Unnatural
Cara: Natural & Synthetic
Tatiana: Witchcraft- Natural and Synthetic Materials
Yucca: Natural vs. Human Made?
Angel: Going Natural!

49. Scott Cunningham
Rich: Great Scott!
Cara: Cunningham According to Cara
Meghan: Scott Cunningham
Danni: Pagan Staple: Scott Cunningham
Angel: Mr. Cunningham...

50. The Devil and Witchcraft
Rich: Devil in the Details
Cara: About the Devil
Meghan: Devil in the Craft
Yucca: The Devil and Personal Frameworks
Angel: Witchcraft and the devil...

51. Answering Individual Personalized Questions from Viewers [SUBS]
Tatiana: Q&A Tatiana: Your questions for me!
Danni: Danni's Q&A
Tara: Lippy's Q&A
Charly: Traveling Pagan: Charly's Q&A

End of Year Six! 

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