06 May 2013

Year One | August 16, 2009 through August 2010

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*AUGUST 2009*

1. Personal Intro. (of the original members)
Dancing Rabbit: Wednesday Pagan Perspective

You'll notice in these first weeks, we appear to only have four members. There were five or six to start with, but as some people left the channel, they asked to have their videos removed, so we no longer have them. I encourage people now to let us keep their videos even if they leave, as resources for others.

2. Personal Path
Dancing Rabbit: Dancing Rabbit's Path

3. Personal Deity Concepts


4. Friends/Family Reactions to your Path

5. Use of the term "Witch"

6. Autumnal Equinox
Kyle: Merry Mabon!
Dancing Rabbit: Mabon

7. Charms/Talismans
Austin: Sunday's Charm
Kyle: The Pentacle
Dancing Rabbit: Charms


8. The Moon
Austin: Mother Moon
Dancing Rabbit: The Moon

In some cultures, the moon is masculine and the sun is feminine. One of our members did their videos for these two weeks on that, but they requested the videos be removed, so we no longer have that perspective to share.

9. The Sun
Kyle: The Suuuuun
Dancing Rabbit: The Sun

10. Ghost Stories
Dancing Rabbit: Three Halloween Poems
Fiacharrey: Poe's "The Raven"

11. Samhain/Halloween
Kyle: Kylehain?
Dancing Rabbit: Dancing Rabbit's Samhain


12. Ethics/Morals
Dancing Rabbit: Rabbit's Ethics
Fiacharrey: Virtue Ethics

13. Superstition
Dancing Rabbit: Superstitions

14. Meditation Tips
Fiacharrey: Zen Meditation in CR
Dancing Rabbit: Meditation

15. Book Reviews
Kyle: Mah Bhooks!
Dancing Rabbit: Saturday Book Review


16. Tools
Dancing Rabbit: Tool Time

17. Witchy Movies
Dancing Rabbit: Saturday Movie Review

18. Black vs. White Magick, as terms
Dancing Rabbit: Black Magick

19. Yule/Solstice
Cara: Merry Yule!
Dancing Rabbit: Yule with Dancing Rabbit

20. What were our first spells?
Dancing Rabbit: First Spell

*JANUARY 2010*

21. New Year's Resolutions
Cara: Plan = FAIL
Dancing Rabbit: New Year's Resolutions

22. Divination
Kyle: Divination

23. Fairies/Faeries
Andrew: The Fae
Dancing Rabbit: In search of The Faie

24. More about our personal path.
Cara/Sissors: Tuesday's Path Part II!
Fiacharrey: On Paths in General and, eventually, Mine Specifically (Part 1) (Part 2)


25. Spring festivals (Imbolc, Lent)
Fiacharrey: The WHO DAT Imbolc
Dancing Rabbit: IMBOLC

26. Abrahamic Religions, Dealing with members of.
Dancing Rabbit: Abrahamic Religion

27. Craft Names
Eric: Craft Names
Fiacharrey: Craft Names and CR
Dancing Rabbit: Craft Names
Austin: Magickal Names

28. Familiars/Totem Animals
Waide & Dancing Rabbit: Familiars 1, Familiars 2
Austin: Totem Animals

*MARCH 2010*

29. Gemstones/Crystals
Kyle: Gemstones

30. Prayer
Eric: Prayer
Dancing Rabbit: Prayer

31. Creation/End of the Universe
Dancing Rabbit: Creation and Destruction
Austin: All of Creation

32. Spring Equinox
Dancing Rabbit: Springtime
Austin: Spring is here!

*APRIL 2010*

33. Herbs & Oils
Dancing Rabbit: Herbs and Oils

34. Book of Shadows
Dancing Rabbit: Shadows

35. Weddings & Handfastings
Kyle: Weddings
Cara: Handfasting

36. Alternative/Complementary Medicine

37. Beltane/May Day
Cara: Beltane 101
Eric: Beltane
Dancing Rabbit: The Fires of Beltane

*MAY 2010*

38. Magic(k), Place in your Path
Kyle: Magick
Dancing Rabbit: Do you believe in Magick?
Austin: Magick is afoot

39. "Coming Home" Experience
Dancing Rabbit: The Long Winding Road

40. Protection
Dancing Rabbit: Love is a Shield

41. Love Magick
Dancing Rabbit: The Rose
Austin: On Love…

*JUNE 2010*

42. Nature's Role in our Path
Dancing Rabbit: Mother Nature’s Son
Austin: Nature

43. Solitary vs. Coven, Pros and Cons

44. Midsummer
Kyle: Midsummer!
Waide: Litha!
Dancing Rabbit: Summer Solstice
Austin: Midsummer

45. Guardians, Angels, Spirit Guides
Kyle: Angels
Cara: Angels, &c.
Waide: Convince me?

46. Ouija Boards
Dancing Rabbit: Ouija Board

*JULY 2010*

47. DEATH MONTH 1: Rituals, Traditions, Practices. What do people DO when someone dies?
Austin: Fin
Dancing Rabbit: Funerals

48. DM 2: The Undead

49. DM 3: Reincarnation and/or Past Lives
Mo: Soul Contracts (feat. Valera and Alan of the Village Witch, CA)
Dancing Rabbit: Reincarnation

50. DM 4: "The End." What are our souls working toward, if anything? (The end of our individual life cycle, if any.)

*AUGUST 2010*

51. Food in Magick
Eric: Ritual Foods
Dancing Rabbit: A Kitchen Witch Cooks

52. Mercury Retrograde
Dancing Rabbit: Mercury Retrograde (feat. Feather)


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