23 August 2016

Year Seven | August 2015 - August 2016

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*AUGUST 2015*

52. Folk & Ceremonial Magick

1. Organizing Paganism
Angel: Organize!

2. Positive/Negative Energy in Magick [SUBS]

3. Literal or Symbolic Deity (Hard or Soft Polytheism) [SUBS]


4. Coping with Suffering

5. Confidently Pagan (How To Be a Confident Pagan)
Meghan: Confidence!

6. "Godspousing" and Research
Yucca: Godspouse?

7. Show and Tell!

8. Magickal Drinks [SUBS]
Charly: Tea Magic

*OCTOBER 2015*

9. Hinduism/Yoga and Paganism

10. Halloween/Beltane DIY
Angel: Samhain DIY

11. Our Funerals

12. Monotheistic Paganism? [SUBS]

Brendan: One true god?

*NOVEMBER 2015* - Meghan & Angel switched days! Angel is now our Wednesday host, and Meghan is on Fridays.

13. Self-Taught Beliefs

14. Book of Shadows (Organizing Your Information)

15. Media Representations/Popular Culture
Cara: Witch Talk
Yucca: In the Media

16. Broom Closet/Overcoming Stereotypes [SUBS]


17. Healing

18. Cleansing Space as a Continuing Practice
Angel: Cleansing!
Yucca: New Spaces

19. Esbat Resources [SUBS]

21.   Holiday Break!

**JANUARY 2016**

22. New Year's Intentions, Practices, & more
Rich: Intentional New Year
Cara: And a Witchy New Year
Angel: Hello 2016!
Yucca: New Years Practices
Meghan: Happy New Year!!!
Brendan: Ringing in the New Year!

23. Being Genderqueer or Agender in Paganism
Rich: Transitioning Pagan
Cara: Disengendered Pathways
Angel: A place for me...
Yucca: A Place For Genderqueer?
Meghan: A Place for me?
Brendan: Identifying your place

24. Pagan Views on Justice (Restorative, Punitive, etc.)
Rich: Serving a Big Slice of Justice
Cara: Pagan Views on Justice
Angel: Justice
JD: Types of Pagan Justice
Meghan: Justice for All?
Brendan: Balancing Justice

25. New Year's Re-Introductions [SUBS]
Danni: Danni the Druid & New Year's
JD: Path of Craft?
Tatiana: Reintroduction | Being or not Wiccan & working magick
Coty: I'm Your New Thursday Sub!
Angelo: Friday's New Sub, OPA!
Charly: Wicca - Making Every day Life Magical


26. Working with the New and/or Dark Moon
Rich: The Dark Side of the Moon
Cara: Dark Moon Cycles
Angel: The Dark & New Moons
Yucca: The Cycle of the Moon
Angelo: New Moon / Full Moon - Hellenic Tradition
Brendan: Working in the Dark

27. Atheism, Non-Theism, & Paganism / Thoughts on "Religion"
(Who can be Pagan? Do you have to believe ___ to be Pagan?)
Rich: Pagan Religious/Non-Religious Concepts
Cara: Religion Prerequisites
Angel: Pagan, religion and deity
Yucca: No, you don't have to believe in Gods to be Pagan
Meghan: Religiously Pagan
Brendan: The Sacred and the Divine

28. Dudeism (based on "The Big Lebowski")
Rich: Calling All Dudes and Dudettes
Cara: The Parlance of Our Times
Angel: Abide...
Yucca: The Tao te Dude
Meghan: Do you abide?
Brendan: Like Dude, just go with the flow.

29. Interfaith Couples [SUBS]
Danni: Interfaith Couple: A Druid and An Atheist
JD: Until faith do us part
Angel: Interfaith couples
Angelo: Interfaith Couples

*MARCH 2016*

30. The Biggest Shift(s) in Our Practice So Far
Rich: Practice Shifts
Cara: Shifting Perspectives
Angel: The Shift!
Yucca: Shifting Seasons of Life
Meghan: Shift to Love!
Brendan: Shifting into the public realm

31. Is "Soft Polytheism" a Thing, or not really Polytheism?
Rich: Witch Polytheism
Cara: Why Soft Polytheism?
Angel: The label!
Yucca: Soft Polytheism?
Meghan: Do you like it hard or soft?
Brendan: Check the handle with care label.

32. Who are our Witch Crushes?
Rich: Witch Crush? The Witch's Crush
Cara: Witch Crushes
Angel: Witch crushes...
Yucca: Witchy Crushes
Meghan: Crushes XXOO
Brendan: Totally crushing it

33. Ancient Philosophy & Pagan Theology - Are philosophy texts also Pagan religious texts?
Rich: Greco Pagan Philosophers
Cara: Religious Philosophy
Angel: Philosophy as religious text
Yucca: Influenced by past philosophers
Angelo: Greek Philosophers (Pagan Theology?)

34. [SUBS] Choose Your Own Adventure! The Subs choose from topics that the weekly hosts did.
Danni: Druid Crushes with Danni
JD: Hey fluid polytheism?
Tatiana: A Label for my Pagan Path?
Coty: A Witch of Which You've Likely Never Heard!
Charly: My Secret Witch Crush!

*APRIL 2016*

35. The Energy of Our Weekday
Rich: The Day of Moon
Cara: That Tuesday Vibe
Tatiana: Planets, Deities & the weekdays?
Yucca: Thursdays
Meghan: Friday, Friday, Friday
Brendan: Weekend Wonder

36. Casting Circle (from our various paths' perspectives)
Rich: And The Circle Goes Round...
Cara: A Simple Circle
Angel: Casting circle
Yucca: Circles
Meghan: Circles
Brendan: Circling for a magical purpose.

37. Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) & Paganism
Rich: Highly Sensitive Pagan
JD: Pagan HSPs
Angel: Highly Sensitive People (Pagans)
Yucca: Highly Sensitive
Brendan: Highly sensational paganism

38. Our Paths' Creation Story & Other Important Myths [SUBS]
Danni: Druidry Creation & Myths
JD: Creation and Origins
Tatiana: Qabalah / Kabbalah & the Creation of the Universe
Angelo: Creation

*MAY 2016*

39. Using Multiple Languages in Ritual - Do we speak multiple languages, and do we incorporate them into our rituals?
Rich: Ritual Language
Cara: Les Langues du Cara
Angel: Languages in Ritual
Yucca: The languages of our paths
Meghan: Languages
Brendan: Speak it if you know it

40. Toxic Environment at Home
Rich: Unsupportive Home--Pagan Edition
Cara: Ingroup Prejudice Sucks
Yucca: Dealing with a toxic pagan home life
Meghan: Negative People
Brendan: Happy pagan family?

41. Dietary Choices & Our Paths
Rich: Carrot V. Steak
Cara: Veganhood
Angel: Dietary choices and your path
Yucca: Creating the World We Wish Eat - plus big news
Meghan: Why Vegan?
Brendan: Food for thought

42. Meeting Local Pagans [SUBS]
Danni: Finding Local Pagan Community
JD: Where be the pagans?!?
Coty: Finding Pagans: Over Hill, Over Dale
Angelo: Finding community
Charly: Finding a Witchy Community | Paganism

*JUNE 2016*

43. The Role of Sound in our paths
Rich: Sound of Silence
Cara: Sound, in my path
Angel: Sacred Sounds
Yucca: Music and Sound in Our Practices
Brendan: Sing me back to life.

44. Our Personal Rituals, and Thoughts on Recording Ritual (to post online)
Rich: Ritually Speaking
Cara: Yes, Cookies! (Recording Ritual)
Angel: Personal Rites and Recordings
Yucca: DEMO: How to cast a spell/ritual
Meghan: Wedding Ritual
Brendan: Virtual ritual videos

45. Responding to "Exposing Witchcraft"
Rich: Exposing Witchcraft?
Cara: Reacting to Kornacki
Angel: Exposing Witchcraft...
Yucca: When is it worth it?
Meghan: Why are you yelling at me?!
Charly: I Was Brainwashed to Believe the World is Evil

46. Being Tested By/Getting Challenges from Deity
Rich: Deity Challenges
Cara: Challenges from the Universe
Angel: Being Tested
Yucca: Do the gods test you?
Brendan: Divine challenges?

47. Sound in Our Paths [SUBS]
Danni: Sounds of Druid Ritual
JD: Sound in Ritual?
Tatiana: Rituals & musical instruments?
Angelo: Bang, Bang - Music in Ritual
Charly: My Favorite Witchy Music

*JULY 2016*

48. Dark Nights of the Soul
Rich: The Dark Soul Nights
Cara: Soul Struggles
Angel: Dark Night of The Soul
Yucca: Know Thy Self to Feed Thy Self
Meghan: Question of Faith
Brendan: Dark night before the dawn

49. Our Year Card / Energy & Themes of the Year
Rich: This Year's Card
Cara: Yearly Energy
Danni: Themes of the Year and Tarot
Yucca: Year Cards and Tools
Meghan: Wild ride called life!

50. God as Father in Paganism
Rich: Fatherly God
Cara: God, in the Father Aspect
Angel: The Father God
Yucca: The Father in Paganism
Meghan: Finding Balance
Brendan: For Father's sake!

51. [SUBS] Choose Your Own Adventure: Subs choose from any of the topics we covered this month.
Danni: An Animist's View On Father Deity

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