23 August 2016

Year Seven | August 2015 - August 2016

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*AUGUST 2015*

52. Folk & Ceremonial Magick

1. Organizing Paganism
Angel: Organize!

2. Positive/Negative Energy in Magick [SUBS]

3. Literal or Symbolic Deity (Hard or Soft Polytheism) [SUBS]


4. Coping with Suffering

5. Confidently Pagan (How To Be a Confident Pagan)
Meghan: Confidence!

6. "Godspousing" and Research
Yucca: Godspouse?

7. Show and Tell!

8. Magickal Drinks [SUBS]
Charly: Tea Magic

*OCTOBER 2015*

9. Hinduism/Yoga and Paganism

10. Halloween/Beltane DIY
Angel: Samhain DIY

11. Our Funerals

12. Monotheistic Paganism? [SUBS]
Brendan: One true god?

*NOVEMBER 2015* - Meghan & Angel switched days! Angel is now our Wednesday host, and Meghan is on Fridays.

13. Self-Taught Beliefs

14. Book of Shadows (Organizing Your Information)

15. Media Representations/Popular Culture
Cara: Witch Talk
Yucca: In the Media

16. Broom Closet/Overcoming Stereotypes [SUBS]


17. Healing

18. Cleansing Space as a Continuing Practice
Angel: Cleansing!
Yucca: New Spaces

19. Esbat Resources [SUBS]

21.   Holiday Break!

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